Love Letter from God


Life is hard. It can leave you feeling lost and alone as though drowning in a dark abyss. Your emotions, burdens, or physical pain often weigh you down like an anchor. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to stay afloat. I know, I’ve heard you weeping and begging for help. I am God, your heavenly Father, and I have the answer for you. I sent help to save you from drowning in the burden of regret, sickness, and pain. I sent my Son. His name is Jesus. You may not understand yet, but a long time ago Jesus left heaven to come and set you free from sin and spiritual death. Sin is everything that is not good. I am good, so sin separated you from me. Separation from me is spiritual death. Jesus sacrificed everything to restore you to me because I love you. You need to understand that if you call on the name of Jesus, cry out “Jesus, help me,” you will be answered and pulled out of the darkness. I created you to live in the light.


When the world and all things in it were first created, everything was good. Jesus spoke the world into existence, and nothing was made unless He made it. The sun, the moon, the stars, and all that you see, including people, were made to be perfect so we could be together. You were meant to have no sin. Without sin you would not suffer from shame, guilt, fear, or curses. If someone says you deserve to suffer, they are lying. You see, I’ve known you since before you were born, and you were created in my image, my perfect image. My child, I want you to have joy and to prosper in every situation. I have great plans and purpose for you. There is only one thing standing between us.


Satan, the evil one. He deceived the very first woman and man so they would disobey me. He tricked them into eating from a special tree that gives knowledge of good and evil. This was the only thing I asked them never to do. Knowing what was good and what was bad stole their child-like innocence. Their sin caused them to become spiritually dead; they could no longer be close to me. Every generation since carries this curse. People have tried in vain to fix their brokenness through good merit, discipline, sacrifices, and offerings. They’ve sought Nirvana, karma, tranquility, Utopia, Zen, or any number of man-made ends to cure this condition. However, the price of restoration is out of human reach. Don’t let that worry you. Take courage, for this price has already been paid.


I desire a personal relationship with you. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, I have always been with you. I saw you in your mother’s womb. I come and knock on the door of your heart every day. I number the hairs on your head, my child. You are the reason I sent my Son to earth so many years ago. Jesus and I are one and, although He possessed the power to create all things, He humbled himself by becoming a human like you. Jesus walked the earth. He felt pain and was even tempted by the same bad things which tempt you. However, He lived a perfect life. Everything He did was good. He healed the sick. He made the blind see. He made the deaf hear. He cleansed lepers and even raised the dead back to life. He proved how much I care for my children by doing all I asked of Him. He did more than just tell the world about their Father in heaven, He demonstrated my love by paying the ultimate price to restore mankind into fellowship with me.


Jesus did the unthinkable. He died for everyone; the broken, the forgotten, the powerless, and those without a voice. He died for the least and the greatest. He died for murderers, drug addicts, and adulterers. He died for prostitutes, thieves, and liars. Sin has touched every person ever born and caused them to be separated from me. Yet, I could not stand being apart from my children, so my Son, who knew no sin, chose to pay the price for all the world’s sin. Religious leaders forced a crown of thorns on His head. Soldiers beat him mercilessly with whips. He allowed evil men to crucify Him. They nailed His hands and feet to a wooden cross and raised Him up to slowly die in front of all people.

I foretold of these events through prophesy hundreds of years before, but still many do not understand why Jesus had to die. On that cross, He took the sin, sickness, pain, suffering, shame, and all the works of the evil one upon Himself. His blood was shed to take away the punishment for disobedience. He took the curse to the grave with Him to set mankind free.


Satan knew he would be defeated by Jesus’ sacrificial death. Since he could not stop it, he has tried to cause people to doubt Jesus’ significance ever since. Yet, My Son is like no other man, prophet, teacher, or religious leader that ever lived and died. Mainly because the grave could not hold Him! Jesus rose from the dead after three days. Authenticated ancient writings prove He was seen alive by more than 500 people. He is still alive today.

Satan’s power over the earth and his curse was forever broken. Still, many continue to live in bondage to this powerless enemy. When you feel ashamed, helpless, worthless, or unloved, those are lies Satan whispers to keep you in chains. The truth is you are beautiful, cherished, and your heavenly Father wants you to walk in freedom. Stop calling out to dead idols or ancestors – they cannot hear or protect you – I on the other hand can. I am a living Spirit, the God of all gods, King of kings, and Lord of lords. I want you to call on my Son to be saved. Jesus sacrificed Himself for you and those who put their faith in Him can overcome Satan’s lies. I promise that anyone who believes this message and puts their trust in Jesus will be forgiven of their sins, healed of disease, assured of salvation, and have a blessed relationship with me forever.


If you believe Jesus is My sent one, He died for your sins, He was buried, He was raised from the dead, you will receive the gift of eternal life and be saved from the slavery of your current situation right now. Jesus wants to deliver this gift to you, and there is only one thing you need to do to receive it. Just call upon His name – Jesus. It’s that simple. Are you bound in sex slavery and getting no answer to your cry for help? Then call to Jesus. Are you sick in your body and doctors say there is no hope? Call to Jesus now. Do you need help with your family or finances and feel desperate? Call His name. All people, rich or poor, sick or healthy need rescuing. All have sinned and disobeyed Me in some way. Now you know Jesus already paid the price for sin. He is the only one who hears and answers your prayers. Most importantly, without trust in Jesus you are totally separated from me forever. There is a day coming when all will stand in judgment. I will check the Book of Life for your name. If you have put your trust in my Son, I will find your name and give you eternal life in heaven. Those whose names are not found in the Book of Life will spend eternity in Hell.


My name is Chris. I am a witness of God’s mercy and grace. There was a time when I was on the bed of illness. My kidneys had shut down. My liver had shut down. I had a heart attack, stroke, meningitis, a 105.5 fever, and my oxygen levels were down to 70 percent. Doctors gave me zero chance of recovering. I know Jesus is alive. I called upon Him for help. I called out His precious promises to heal me. He heard me, He saved me, and He delivered me. In just six days all my organs supernaturally were healed, and I walked out of that hospital. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus is real. I did not need to earn forgiveness or favor with God. Anyone who calls upon Him will be saved of their sins and can be delivered of their situation. Knowing Jesus is the most important thing in life. You are lost and separated from God because of sin, so you must believe this message of truth in your heart now like I did. Believe that Jesus really died, was buried, and raised from the dead for you. Call on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

You may still have troubles in this world, but God will be there to help. You will never be the same or alone. Through this website, you can find other resources, message for prayer, or tell us what God has done for you now that you have called out to Jesus. We can also help you get your own Bible, get baptized and connect with a local fellowship of people who also believe in Jesus.

God bless you. Let us know what God has done.

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