Discovery Bible Study

Introduction Guide

Everyone is welcome at Discovery Bible Studies regardless of whether they are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, or of any other faith.

Discovery Bible Studies are not a place for debate or comparison of different religions. They are an opportunity for intellectually honest people to study the basic tenants of the Christian faith.

These seven studies provide enough information for participants to understand basic Christian beliefs in a safe place where they are not pressured to change their religion. The gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly explained, but there is no confrontational aspect to the DBS other than the questions at the end of each study:

  1. What are some things we can learn about God from this study?
  2. What are some things we can learn about people from this study?
  3. Is there anything in this study that Jesus wants us to obey?
  4. What will I do now that I know this?

Discovery Bible Studies are hosted and facilitated, not taught. All of the information needed for the group is written in the DBS. People who may be more knowledgeable on the subject matter must restrain their desire to teach and allow less informed participants to learn, explore, and discuss with as little guidance as possible. Holy Spirit is the Teacher.

The seven study topics are:
  1. Creation and The Fall
  2. Corruption of The World
  3. WThe Birth, Life, and Miracles of Jesus
  4. The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus
  5. The Witnesses of Jesus’ Resurrection
  6. Repentance and Belief in Jesus
  7. Water Baptism

While each study will be unique, we suggest the following elements and order of events. The duration (H:MM) of each is shown as a guide, not a rule:

(0:00-0:15) Relationship building is important to establish rapport which is necessary for open and transparent discussion. Beverages and light snack may be provided but is not required. If any food or drinks will be available, the group should share responsibility for providing these so the burden isn’t on the host alone.

(0:15-0:18) Facilitator give brief overview of the vision and purpose of the DBS which is basically the first three paragraphs in this guide.

(0:18-0:21) Facilitator read [or assign someone else to read] the following basic gospel:

  • God created everything perfect.
  • Man disobeyed him which separated humankind from God, bringing the curse of sin and death to the whole world.
  • God loved us so much that he came in the form of the man Jesus to break every curse, making a way for us to be right with him.
  • Jesus took the punishment we deserve by being crucified, just as holy scriptures foretold he would many centuries before it happened.
  • He died, was buried for three days, then rose from the dead and showed Himself to over 500 people before ascending into heaven.
  • He told his followers to tell everyone the good news; whoever believes the testimony of Jesus, confesses their faith in Him out loud, and are baptized in His name will be saved and made whole in spirit, body, mind, will, and emotions. They will also be given eternal life and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

(0:21-0:22) Facilitator pray [or assign someone else to pray] a super simple request for Jesus to teach each member of the group whatever He wants them to learn. Literally, one sentence.

(0:22-0:30) Facilitator invite participants to share testimonies of what happened when they obeyed whatever it was that Jesus told them to do last week.

(0:30-1:00) Participants alternate reading the teaching points, scriptures, and questions.

  • The three questions after each teaching point are intended to be asked and answered in group context, mainly to keep participants engaged, not to elicit deep contemplation.

  • (1:00-1:15) After the final summary is read in group context, participants are encouraged to privately reflect and write down their answers to the application questions.

    (1:15-1:30) Facilitator review each application question and invite everyone to share their answers with the group. Someone in the group should record each person’s response to the third and fourth questions. After everyone has shared their answers to these questions, someone in the group will pray and ask Jesus to empower each person to accomplish what He has led them to do. The “record” of each person’s response is disposed of after the prayer for empowerment. No accountability measures are employed.

    (no later than 1:30) Facilitator will dismiss the group with two encouragements:
    1. confirmation on day, time and location of next DBS. (We suggest one DBS per week be held on the same day and time each week)
    2. encourage everyone to share something that they’ve learned from the DBS with someone.

    Important note to hosts and facilitators: You do not need to have answers to any questions that participants may have. You will likely have questions of your own that you can’t answer. That’s perfectly okay. Pray for Holy Spirit to answer these, He is faithful to do so in due time. We are also here to help and encourage you in your journey of discovering Jesus. We welcome you to reach out to us any time via: Facebook Messenger or email